Dr. Jim Eells is the Most Chosen Doctor When it Comes to Concierge Medicine

Dr. Jim EellsConcierge medicine is also referred to as retainer medicine. This is defined as the rapport between a healthcare physician and a patient wherein the latter pays for an annual fee or retainer.In exchange for the yearly fee, the doctor will provide personalized health care to the patient whenever necessary.The doctor should render improved care through principally committing to limited loads of patient in order to ascertain sufficient availability and time for each patient. Read more about Dr. Jim Eells here: https://www.ratemds.com/doctor-ratings/33388/Dr-James%2BR.-Eells-Las%2BVegas-NV.html

In addition to retainer medicine, concierge medicine is also known to many calls. It can also be called as membership medicine, direct care or cash-only practice.Whilst the entire exercises of concierge medicine share likeness, they still differ in many aspects. Extensively, they differ in their form of operation, structure, payment and requirements. At present, the field of concierge doctors keeps on growing. It substantially progresses for the benefit of many.Most people of today desire to obtain easy to access doctors and personalized care that is why they are seeking for personalized care doctors.

Dr. Jim EellsIn Las Vegas, Nevada, a general practitioner can definitely offer concierge medicine. He is none other than the 51-year-old Dr. Jim Eells.If concierge medicine is conventionally linked to the words wealthy and expensive, Dr. Eells is one of the premier healthcare physicians in Las Vegas, Nevada who provides reasonably-priced, personalized care to his patients.He is one of the new generation doctors who renders personalized care to patients who like to get to know their physician better and anticipate to receiving complete health care for a price within their budget!

Dr. Eells finished medicine from the medicine school of the University of Nevada.In the year 1989, he was board qualified by the American College of Physicians. Previous to studying medicine, Dr. Eells has a first degree. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and Chemistry. In the year 1992, he acquired his medical license. He finally became a licensed physician.With his achievement in education, it is not surprising that he is well-versed to render concierge medicine.

Having a total of twenty years and counting experience in the medical field, Dr. Eells has already been awarded with many awards. Some of the awards he has received include Compassionate Doctor Recognition, America’s Top Physician and Patient’s Choice Award.Generally, he is regarded as an exceptional doctor. Majority of his patients really look up to him.As said by his patients, Dr. Eells has all the good qualities that a doctor must be. He is concerned, welcoming and always interested to listen.